Show #8: Stellar Elders Lack Metal

By Aaron on May 2, 2005 at 8:11 pm | In Slacker Astronomy Archival Podcasts | 37 Comments

Title: Stellar Elders Lack Metal
Castdate: 050502
Written By: Pamela
Disembodied Voices: Travis, Pamela
Topics: old stars, Big Bang, nucleosynthesis, planet formation
Engineered: Travis

The images come from the Subaru website. The top graphic shows the location of HE 1327-2326 and the lower image shows a color image of the star above a stellar specta of HE 1327-2327 and the Sun. The humps and dips in the spectra represent the presence of different atoms. The more lines, the more different types of atoms are present in the star.


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